"The lonely warrior"

" Le guerrier solitaire " - " The lonely warrior "

Wall hanging sacred garment - 2019

"I leave you what made me a killer in cold blood,
I leave you what made me a man of all fights.

I cut my ribbons and ripped off my links.
Their remains are on the ground, the very one where yours is born.

Do you hear the horses's gallop announcing conquest?
Do you hear the men's cries cutting your heads?

My hair, as dark as a moonless night, braved seasons as rough as a man whose heart crumbled at the dunes's foot.
My hands, as determined as winter eating summer, have brandished more weapons than the tears fluttering the cheeks of your women.

Do you hear the men's songs announcing death?
Do you hear this music as soft as the soul flying over the body?

Today I'm turning my back on you,
I leave.
Leaving behind me the trace of my hooves.

My animal share takes over,
I am no longer a man.

Alone, I'm leaving.
For my penance and my salvation.

I disappear in the morning mist,
I go to the light, look at me far away. "

" Have a nice trip,

May your penance not become wandering. "

"The lonely warrior" _ Karine N'guyen Van Tham

Materials : Linen, silk, pine cones, hand dyed textiles with Gambier and cachou.

Dimensions : Silk clothes : 128 cm (50") large x 68 cm (26,77") height

Armor clothing : 99 cm (38,9")large x 41 cm (16") height

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