"The underground worlds's dancer"

" La danseuse des mondes souterrains " - " The underground worlds's dancer "

Wall hanging sacred garment - 2019

I live where roots and remains are lost,
Where the light barely touches my gestures.

I feed on your ashes and your steps,
From your shadow that dies to me.

I dance under the graves,
I dance in the shadow's heart.

It is the sacred fire of the earth burning in me,
And it is with the rhythm of the drums that I open to you.

I know every fault of your bowels,
I let in the light, I have the power over your battles.

I dance for death.
I dance where the future will lead you.

My arms, as long as the roots that I rub shoulders, will guide you to the beyond.
My hands, as powerful as the heart of abyss, will carry your soul to the heights.

I dance to accompany you in your death,
I dance to relieve you of your fate.

Today I leave you my garment, proof that I act out of your fields,
Perhaps, thanks to you, he will have the chance to be caressed by the wind. "

"The underground worlds's dancer"_Karine N'guyen Van Tham

Materials : Linen, silk, pine cones, hand dyed textiles.

Dimensions : 160 cm (62") large x 130 cm (51") height

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