"The soul smuggler"

" Le passeur d'âmes " - " The soul smuggler "

Wall hanging sacred garment - 2019

When you last slept I'll be there,
       Standing near you.
It's a return to the sources that await you,        
       A fair return, carried away by the wind.
I'll drop you where the ivies are carpet        
       And where the earth never weakens.
I am the one that no one        
       The one nobody sees.
I am the one whom only the dead hears        
       The one that no one feels. I am what you will want to see,        
Your reality revealed in the hollow of black.
       Today I reveal myself to you,         
I come from far for that.
       From a world that knows neither good nor bad,        
From a territory suspended between two mountains.
       My only domain is a river that we do not name,       
              And a land as powerful as my voice.
No, you do not know me but believe me, I know where you will go.
       I am here for this.
Do not be afraid, you will not die,
       Not in the heart of yours,               
Not in the dreams that flee in the early morning. 

Look around you,

The breath of the wind carries far more than you see.
The moon tells more than what you hear.
The sun reveals more than what you feel.

As soon as you leave you will understand,
That when you walked, you touched a world full of pleasure.

Look at me.

I am not death.
I am not life.
I am an element out of time, I am a fragile balance.

Look at yourself, that's what you are. "

"The soul smuggler" _ Karine N'guyen Van Tham

Materials : Linen, silk, pine cones, hand dyed textiles with Indigo and catechu.

Dimensions : 160 cm (63") large x 160 cm (63") height

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