Wall art serie "Family line" - "Guardian"

" Guardian "

Art serie "Family line" - Wall art textile - 2018

"Guardian" embodies a woman with a calm and controlled strength.

Placed in front of the first three artworks, it protects the great journey, the passageway to the afterlife.

"Gardienne" is a piece turned towards animism, it is a metamorphosis, a mutation of the Human into another winged being endowed with untamed powers and visible only in another universe.

"Guardian" is suspended in full flight, out of time.

As frozen in its transformation; its pinecones scales become feathers, its arms become wings.

Composition : Linen, plant dyeing with gallnut, gold thread, pinecones scales, handmade wooden hanger.
Techniques : Hand woven, plant dyeing, pinecones scale embroidery, sewing, woodwork.
Dimensions : 50cm wide x 70cm high
Year : 2018