Wall Kimono "Lunar ceremony"


Wall kimono and its strapless "Lunar ceremony" - Wall art clothes

"It is at the hour when the last rays are dying in the ground trampled that they are related.
Their deep blue clothes merge into this brief moment when the twilight mingles with the night.
This moment when a vast dream world comes to life.
- A glow settles-
She caresses their golden fibers, draws their delicate silhouettes and illuminates them like a garment of light. "

Materials : Blue linen, cotton, pine cones, gold thread

Size centimeters : KIMONO : 140cm long x 47cm high // Strapless : 43cm long x 40cm high

Size Inches : KIMONO : 55" long x  18,5" high // Strapless : 16,9" long x 15,7" high