Karine N'guyen Van Tham has "the fiber in her". This is the right word she uses to define her unconditional love of textiles. Passed by the Beaux-arts of Marseille, in space design, she then followed a training in upholstery. CAP in hand, she made her arms in 2013 by creating her own linen lines, before deciding in 2017 to design her own textiles. Today, in the slamming of the smooth of her Japanese loom Saori she realizes mural works thought as inheritances. She also designs decorative wall ornaments in raw linen and wood.

Wall textile Artworks_ 

These magical stuffs must not be wear but hang, expose themselves.
As a way out of time, each suspended or levitating piece of art is crystallized in our contemporary spaces to tell us its story.
Remains of another time they become support souls to touch, to rub close or distant.
They are second sacred skins that transubstantializes the person who wears it, transforming it into a winged being, a demi-god or deploying abilities unknown to the profane world (ecstatic journey).
Karine doesn't create simple clothes. She weaves, through each piece, links, bridges between the visible and the invisible, the real and the dreamlike.
Constantly in touch with her "frontier worlds", Karine offers us a mystical, precious world, where the beings who work there silently can surface.
Each piece is intimately linked to nature: tinctorial dyes, natural fibers and natural scales made from pine cones. They bring us closer to the earth and take us to other spheres


- Winner of the 2017 Ateliers d'Art de France regional contest with her work "Cérémonie Lunaire" - Creation Prize - Brittany Region


- Salon Maison & Objet - 08 to 12 September 2017 - Paris

- "L'atelier, d'Ateliers d'Art de France" - September 20 to October 29, 2017 - Paris

- Solo show at the art galery "La cour des métiers d'Art" - August 1rst to October 20, 2019 - Pont-scorff, Brittany

- Exhibition "Parures" - Museum of the manufacture of Roubaix - September 06 to October 08, 2019