Karine carries Asia through a nominal heritage without having the origins of it.
From an early age, this strangeness of identity anchored in her an attachment to this distant continent.
A feeling that resonates like a deep nostalgia, which carries her away and leads her to give life to her textile works with Asian features.

Her textile works art, seen as sacred fabrics, are not worn but hung and exhibited.
Like an exit from time, each suspended or levitating piece is crystallized in our contemporary spaces to tell us its story.
Vestiges from another time, from another era, they become soul supports to be touched, to be seen from near or far.
The second skin of an underground creature, a Chinese worker or a great Mongolian warrior, each piece is that of a separate being who, sometimes, is the only witness to a forgotten past.
A being imagined and told by Karine herself, between personal mythology and dreamlike characters.

Real textile souls, they become visible, open a breach in our reality and give us to see what our eyes cannot perceive; A border world, mystical, precious, where the souls who work there in silence sometimes surface.

Karine doesn't create simple clothes. She weaves, through each piece, links between the visible and the invisible, the real and the dreamlike.
She weaves bridges between Past and Present, bringing to light characters who have remained in the shadows for too long.

Each work first sees its story emerge in the form of a lyrical poem, then, after visualizing the costume, the technical process can begin: hand weaving on looms, vegetable dyes, assemblages, stitching and embroidery of pine cone scales.

All unique and precious, Karine's works are intimately linked to nature, bringing us a little closer to the earth and taking us to other spheres.

       "Clothing is for me an inseparable part of being, it is shaped to us to become our second skin. A soul support to be invested or never to leave.
I see in the garment an unfailing proof of the existence of a being making it in a certain way immortal. It is a living trace that lasts over decades, centuries. "


- Winner of the 2017 "Ateliers d'Art de France" regional contest with her work "Cérémonie Lunaire" - Creation Prize - Brittany Region



- Collective exhibition "Mutations" at Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg with the fiber art gallery The Fibery - From September 24 to October 30 - Paris

- Personal exhibition " Des mots à la matière, de la matière aux maux" at the fiber art gallery The Fibery - From June 17th to 31 July 2020, Paris.

- Collective exhibition "Japanese Textile & Craft festival" - 13/15th March 2020 - London E14 3AE


- Collective exhibition "Invisibles présences" at the fiber art gallery The Fibery - From September 10 to October 19 - Paris

- Collective Exhibition "Parures, Objets d'art à porter" - Factory Museum of Roubaix - From September 06 to October 28 - Roubaix

- Personal exhibition at the art gallery "La cour des métiers d'Art" - From August 1rst to October 28 - Pont-scorff, Brittany


- Collective exhibition at "L'atelier, d'Ateliers d'Art de France" - From September 20 to October 29 - Paris

- Collective exhibition at Maison & Objet - From 08 to 12 September - Paris