After studying at the Marseille-Mediterranean School of Art and Design (INSEAMM), Karine trained as an upholsterer where she developed a passion for textiles. She then began her apprenticeship as a self-taught weaver in 2014, before deciding, in 2017, to design her own textiles in the form of garments.
In the same year she won the first prize in Creation category for the Brittany region with Ateliers d'Art de France. Today, she works in her own workshop based in Brittany.

     Artistic approach

Karine N'guyen Van Tham conceives her garments, as heritage objects that are not worn but exhibited.

This vision is born from childhood memories, where she sees the care given to the clothes of those who were loved.
Of those who have left them.
She remembers this object that hears the living speak, receives the caresses and the tears shed.
She remembers how difficult it is to part with them and how impossible it is to move them.
Karine understood, at a very young age, the power of this object as a link, which becomes an extension of our being.

Touched by this object of link, necessary to the memory of her family, she never ceases to create these supports of soul to invest, to be next to or never to leave. And it is through them that she questions the emotions of the living in the face of loss and the inescapable, but also in the face of the sometimes upsetting discovery of fragments of lives marked by history or the tumult of life itself.

Karine sees garments as a relic imprinted with the Living, with smells, postures and emotions.
These textile works, all imagined by the artist, are the vestiges of another time, the only witnesses of a forgotten past, of a fragment of life that has fallen into oblivion.
A fragment of life that she endeavours to recount in the form of poems and worn textiles, with deep scars.
A subtle dialogue between emotion and material that the artist maintains and that materializes in her hands; Karine feels, writes, weaves, plunges into vegetable colours, embroiders her pine cone scales, wears and shapes.

The sacredness of her works is rooted in her workshop where the notion of time is lost and disappears. The sacredness of her work is rooted in her studio, where the notion of time is lost and disappears, where the artisanal and personal techniques allow her to become deeply aware of the fragment of life to be revealed.
Karine is attached to the rhythms of the seasons, the colours and sounds of the wind. Nature, omnipresent in her techniques and inspirations, acts as an anchor for this memory in the present.

       "Garment is for me an inseparable part of being, it is shaped to us to become our second skin.

I see in the garment an unfailing proof of the existence of a being making it in a certain way immortal. It is a living trace that lasts over decades, centuries. "



Winner of the "Ateliers d'Art de France" regional contest - Creation Prize - Brittany Region



Collective exhibition "Festival du lin" - Normandie, Seine-Maritime, France


Collective exhibition "Déconfilement" - The Fibery, Fiber art gallery - Paris, France


Collective exhibition "Mutations" - Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg - The Fibery, Fiber art gallery - Paris, France
Solo show " Des mots à la matière, de la matière aux maux" The Fibery, Fiber art gallery - Paris, France
Collective exhibition "Japanese Textile & Craft festival" - Craft central - London, UK


Collective exhibition "Invisibles présences" - The Fibery, Fiber art gallery - Paris, France
Collective Exhibition "Parures, Objets d'art à porter" - Factory Museum - Roubaix, France
Solo show "De fils et d'âmes" - La cour des métiers d'Art - Pont-scorff, Brittany, France


Collective exhibition - L'atelier, d'Ateliers d'Art de France - Paris, France
Collective exhibition - Maison & Objet - Paris, France