Fragment number 14

"Fragments" series

Fragment #14 - Piece of collar.

This series of garment fragments is like a red thread that has followed the artist since 2019.

This new series, which began in 2020 and will be completed in 2022, features new pieces of framed fabric.

Here, the artist positions herself as an explorer, an archaeologist, and reveals and highlights details of garments.

Like a treasure, each fragment is delicately preserved and sublimated through a wooden frame and between two glasses.

"Fragments" invites the viewer to create his own story. He can then imagine the totality of the garment and why, recompose them by associating.

Composition: Cotton, silk, natural colors, wood, glass.
Techniques: Hand woven, vegetable dyeing, various techniques for ageing the material, custom framing.
Sizes : 20 cm x 32 cm

Price : 320€