Wall art serie "Family line" - "Celestial"

" Celestial "

Art serie "Family line" - Art work number one - Wall art textile - 2017

"Celestial" is a male garment, primitive and precious.

That of one man,

A different man.

"Céleste"" was his second mystical, magical skin with which he seems to see beyond and reach an ecstatic journey.

You will not be able to wear it, no, it is not a daytime garment. Neither by night.

It belonged to only one entity,

It was that of a technician of the sacred to which the layman can't access.

It is a garment from the past levitating here, among us.

In our contemporary spaces he reveals a time when man could access other skies in silence.

A time where the man rubbed his true nature, in osmosis with his visible and invisible environment.

Suspended, in full flight, the light transcends it, plays with its transparencies and reveals it.

Light lives there and reveals her soul.

Materials : Plant based dye, gall-nuts on natural fibers (linen). Pine cones. Gold yarn. Raw wood.

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*The series "Lignée" consists of four hanging clothes. Clothes that do not wear but expose themselves.

Second skins, supports souls to touch, to rub close or distant.

"Lignée" presents itself to us as a family photo whose bodies have disappeared and where only their remains, their textile souls, remain around us.

Remnants of another time, another world, they are crystallized, here below, in our contemporary spaces to deliver their stories.