Wall art serie "Family line" - "Divine"

" Divine "

Art serie "Family line" - Art work number three - Wall art textile - 2017

"Divin" is a flying and fighting artwork.

Third and highest piece of the "lignée" artworks serie.

"Only his armor and his bust persist here down.

It's a flight for an other world.

That of one man to heaven. "

Materials : Plant based dye, oak gall. Pine cones. Raw wood.

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*The series "Lignée" consists of four hanging clothes. Clothes that do not wear but expose themselves.

Second skins, supports souls to touch, to rub close or distant.

"Lignée" presents itself to us as a family picture whose bodies have disappeared and where only their remains, their textile souls, remain around us.

Remnants of another time, another world, they are crystallized, here below, in our contemporary spaces to deliver their stories.